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A self taught artist based out of Edmonton Alberta, Ravina is extremely passionate about pushing boundaries and exploring new mediums, my artistic practice has focused on digital illustration this past year. My art has been strongly rooted in my curiosity of life, the divine, and deep admiration, love and respect for my Punjabi and Sikh background. Through my artwork, I bring forth my advocacy by challenging social norms and promoting dialogue. I have been successful in using art as a way to build community conversations, raise awareness on social justice issues and open doors to have conversations in households on how to transition to healthier practices. 


RAVINARTOOR officially launched in the year of 2020. The year that exposed and expressed a lot of change, for every being. This business of art expression and create has been years in the making. Ravina strongly believes that when things fall apart, it is really the universe making room for things to actually fall together. Thus, RAVINARTOOR was created. This art platform represents the start of something new, the start of creating space for brown representation across the world. 

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With the passion of community, RAVINARTOOR will be donating 10% of all profits each month to organizations that support the daughters of Punjab and Haryana.